The corona situation in Norway

The Norwegian Government has launched several packages to support Norwegian businesses. Here is more. 

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Mongstad could act as a “hydrogen hub” – new report

A new report has stated that Mongstad could become a hotspot for the sustainable industries in the next few years.

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This world-leading, North Sea test centre holds the future for floating wind

Wind farms at sea will help Europe to wean itself off fossil fuels. Now, companies flock to Norway to test their turbines at the Karmøy test centre.

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Professor Christoph Trattner, Head of Bergen’s new Media Futures research centre. Media Futures is one of six Centres for Research-Driven Innovation to be established in the city. Photo © University of Bergen.

Bergen gains SIX new research centres

A crop of new research centres in Bergen will help to make our oceans smarter, support better mental health, and even combat fake news.

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