The corona situation in Norway

The Norwegian Government has launched several packages to support Norwegian businesses. Here is more. 

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Lerøy has chosen to invite this team to a closer study and look into the possibilities of using self-produced seaweed as a component in packaging.

Bergen company to explore seaweed packaging

The Bergen-based seafood giant Lerøy will be exploring how to use sustainable packaging made from locally-grown seaweed.

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A network in Bergen is encouraging more women to become project leaders within some of Norway's most male-dominated industries. Members of the network's second cohort, pictured here, have now shared their thoughts on what the initiative means for them.

“I want my daughter to know that she can go far”

The Vest Ut og Fram (VUF) network is aiming to empower women in the ocean and energy sectors in western Norway. We spoke to some of its newest members.

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Companies in western Norway are developing technology that could improve the lives of patients, and help the elderly to stay in their own homes for longer. Photo © Jofrid Åsland, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

Health tech sector sees international interest

International health companies are turning to western Norway as an excellent place for developing new services for patients.

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