About our services

Our One-Point Entry system offers a single point of contact for business delegations that are interested in visiting Greater Bergen.

We can provide a range of programmes to foreign delegations who are interested in learning about the Bergen region.

This stretches from short introductions to our region, right through to more detailed whole-day or multi-day visiting programmes. 

We can also connect you with individual companies or organizations, helping you to create valuable new partnerships within Greater Bergen.

The One-Point Entry service is provided by Invest in Bergen on behalf of Hordaland County Council, Bergen City Council, along with the following municipalities: Askøy, Austrheim, Eidfjord, Fedje, Fusa, Gulen, Lindås, Masfjorden, Meland, Modalen, Os, Osterøy, Radøy, Samnanger, Sund, Ulvik, Vaksdal, Voss and Øygarden.

The Greater Bergen region is located on the west coast of Norway.

Get a taste of Bergen

Greater Bergen is home to a range of world-leading industries including shipping, aquaculture, energy, and media technology.

Our public agencies are also at the forefront of creating smart and sustainable services for local residents.

With our visiting programmes you’ll get to discover the best of Greater Bergen, as well as meeting the key players who are driving progress in our region.

Our team will also help you to follow up on potential business opportunities, so that you can get the most of your visit even after returning home.

Invest in Bergen

Invest in Bergen offers a range of services for companies that are interested in establishing themselves in the Greater Bergen area.

We can provide guidance on local markets, introduce you to our network of contacts, and even help with finding your ideal business location.

If you’re thinking of setting up a business in Greater Bergen, then arranging a visit through our One Point Entry service could be a helpful first step. 


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