A booming seafood industry with a focus on sustainability

Bergen has been a centre for trading in fish since its foundation in 1070. Today, all major seafood companies have headquarters in Greater Bergen.

In 2018, Norway’s aquaculture industry reached an all-time high, as seafood export reached 99 billion NOK. This was equal to a total of 37 million seafood meals for the world’s growing population.

The fish farming sector is set to grow in the decades to come, reaching an estimated 550 BNOK by 2050. We are proud to be at the forefront of this field, developing the next generation of sustainable farms at sea. 

Bergen has a strong research environment, centred on the Norwegian School of Economics and The University of Bergen. The latter institution includes renowned marine and aquaculture research departments and centres.

The city’s long history with fisheries also makes it the natural home for the Institute of Marine Research and the Directorate of Fisheries.

The complete seafood value chain

If you want to do business with strong global seafood brands, Greater Bergen is the place to be. Major Norwegian salmon producers such as Marine Harvest and Lerøy Seafood are located in the city, along with the Aqua Nutrition HQ of international giant Cargill.

The city’s NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster brings together all of the leading suppliers of farmed Atlantic salmon, together with many exciting aquaculture start-ups.

Greater Bergen has companies across the entire value chain:

  • Salmon and trout aquaculture: ingredients, feed, harvest, processing and marketing
  • Fisheries and harvest of shellfish and molluscs
  • Marine ingredients and marine bioprospecting
  • Feed production to support a variety of species
  • The supplier industry: technology, services and more
  • Knowledge development through education and research


New and emerging industries towards 2050:

  • Aquaculture based on new species such as cod, halibut and mussels
  • Marine algae: harvest or cultivation of marine micro- and macro algae
  • Highly productive waters: production manipulated through processes focusing on high harvestable yields


Sustainable seafood farming

The world needs food, and there is an untapped potential to produce more sustainable seafood in Norway. The seafood cluster in Greater Bergen is dedicated to reducing the environmental and ecological footprint from aquaculture.

The NCE Seafood business cluster works together to create new business opportunities and solutions that will maintain Norway’s role as a front-runner in environmental responsibility. The R&D community plays a significant role in these endeavours.

A leader in marine research

Bergen has the largest concentration of aqua farming R&D resources in Europe, including infrastructure such as seagoing ships and advanced test facilities.

The industry in the region is currently involved in more than 300 R&D projects with high international participation.

Significant research activity takes place in Marineholmen Science Park, an innovation centre for marine education, research and seafood business.


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