Solutions that combine human needs, technology and business

Greater Bergen has several strong business clusters in the ocean industries. Its companies use Design Thinking to develop projects across clusters, and Bergen has a dedicated educational programme that teaches the method.

Collaboration and interaction between industries are key to doing business and developing projects in Greater Bergen. The result is new and innovative products and services. In an increasingly digital world, the ability to design accessible, user-driven and user-friendly products and services is essential.

Originating from the Stanford, Design Thinking is a strategy and a set of methods used to combine human needs, technology and economy to come up with new solutions.

Executive education in Bergen

Bergen has a dedicated Design Thinking education. In the multidisciplinary programme, employees from a wide range of businesses come together to learn how to develop innovative ideas for new services and products. Learning from excellent design thinkers and from each other, the participants merge the worlds of design, technology and business into one powerful, problem-solving toolbox.

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