Greater Bergen is an oil, gas and wind energy hub with opportunities for your business

Our region is Norway’s main landing point for North Sea oil and gas. You’ll find companies here covering the entire supply chain from exploration, field development and production to decommissioning.

Greater Bergen’s oil and gas industry has many years of experience with regards to operating in harsh North Sea environments. Many companies are now using this expertise to expand into new, sustainable ocean industries, including wind energy, wave energy, hydrogen production and CCS.

The industry is also exploring the potential for underwater mining, which could provide a new source of raw materials in coming years.


oil, gas and energy companies in Greater Bergen
(Economics Norway, 2018)

NOK 9 billion

of oil and gas exports
from the region
(Statistics Norway, 2018)


oil, gas and energy workers in the region
(Economics Norway, 2018)

NOK 733 million

in oil, gas and energy research funding 
(Research Council of Norway, data from 2016-2020)

Oil and gas in Greater Bergen

With the North Sea oil and gas industry at our doorstep, Greater Bergen has developed strong subsea competence. Our region’s oil and gas companies are world leaders in operating, maintaining and modifying offshore equipment.

The region’s subsea sector is centred on Coast Center Base at Ågotnes west of Bergen, one of the world’s largest bases for subsea aftermarket activities. 

Mongstad Industrial Park, to the north of Bergen, is also the site of Norway’s largest oil refinery as well as a major supply base for offshore oil and gas fields.

The region is characterized by a skilled workforce, including:

  • 3,500 civil engineers
  • 6,500 engineers and technical designers
  • 6,300 technicians and machine operators

Take a look at this video and learn more about the subsea oil and gas cluster and industry in Greater Bergen.  


Ocean technology

Many companies in Greater Bergen are now using their competence from offshore oil and gas industry within new, sustainable blue sectors.

This includes growing industries such as wind energy, wave energy, hydrogen production and carbon capture and storage (CCS). Energy firms are also working together with Norway’s aquaculture industry, and developing new technology that is helping fish farmers to increase their harvests.

  • Mongstad Industrial Park is one area where the traditional oil and gas industry is turning green. A consortium of companies are planning to produce large volumes of clean hydrogen here by 2024.
  • CCB Energy Park in Øygarden is also looking to the future. The area will soon be storing 1.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year under the North Sea, as part of Norway’s large-scale CCS project.


Greater Bergen’s renewable energy industry – key figures

  • 870 renewable energy companies in Greater Bergen (Economics Norway, 2017)

  • 3,400 workers in the renewable energy industry (Economics Norway, 2018)

  • Generating NOK 12 billion in value­-creation (Economics Norway, 2018)


Research & development

Greater Bergen is one of Norway’s largest centres for oil, gas and energy research.

There have been more than 250 oil and gas research projects in the region over the past five years, with research funding of around NOK 450 million. An additional NOK 280 million was granted to energy-related research projects over the same period.

These research projects are driven by prestigious research institutes such as the University of Bergen, the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and NORCE. Many private companies in Greater Bergen are also involved in ground-breaking research. 

When it comes to commercializing this research, the region can also offer schemes such as the Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre (OINC). This centre helps businesses to turn their ideas into market-ready products.


GCE Ocean Technology

Greater Bergen’s ocean technology companies are represented by the GCE Ocean Technology cluster organization.

This member organization includes corporates, entrepreneurs, risk capital providers, R&D environments and public agencies working within oil and gas, renewable energy, marine food production and other ocean industries. GCE Ocean Technology provides a platform for its partners and members to network, collaborate and do business together.

Key facts about GCE Ocean Technology:

  • +100 member organizations
  • +20 partners
  • +100,000 cluster employees
  • 50 annual events
  • +2000 participants at annual events


GCE Ocean technology cluster members include:


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