Leaders in international shipping

Greater Bergen is a lead player in the global shipping industry. For generations, the region’s maritime companies have been developing new and innovative technology for the shipping world. 

The Bergen region’s maritime cluster is home to both large international ship-owners as well as an ecosystem of legal firms, insurers, ship-brokers and technology providers.

Greater Bergen also boasts a range of research institutions that provide important skills and competence for the area’s ocean industries. 

All in all, this is a dynamic and forward-thinking region that is shaping the future of global shipping.

Learn more about the maritime cluster in Greater Bergen. 

New shipping technology

Norway, and the Bergen region, has been at the forefront of technological developments as the move to LNG-fueled vessels.

The region is now becoming a leader in developing new maritime technologies that will introduce even greater sustainability at sea. This includes strong competence within battery hybrid shipping, together with a growing focus on other new solutions such as hydrogen fuel cells.

Interested in clean shipping technology of the future? 

Solid maritime industry cluster

Greater Bergen boasts a complete maritime cluster that includes:

  • some of the world’s leading ship owner companies
  • Norway’s largest port
  • Norway’s largest fleet
  • strong research institutions and several maritime studies
  • headquarters for the Norwegian Naval Academy
  • legal service
  • shipbrokers
  • marine insurance
  • ship traders
  • ship management
  • shipping equipment

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