Unique travel products with investment potential

The tall mountains, wild coastline and beautiful fjords of Western Norway make it the perfect place to develop adventure tourism.

This was a fast-growing industry before the covid-pandemic, and we believe it will be so again after the pandemic is over.

Bergen is the perfect base for getting in touch with companies in Western Norway.

Based on numbers from the years before the pandemic, adventure tourists spend far more money in Norway than other types of tourists, and the number of adventure tourists was increasing by large numbers year on year. Many of our companies want to further develop authentic and unique travel products towards this tourist segment. Opportunity is at your fingertips: as an investor or to establish your own company.

The heart of the fjords

Bergen is very much the heart of the fjords. Bergen is the starting point both for your journey to explore the fjords, and for travelling further north along the spectacular Norwegian coast.

Feedback from travelling agents all over the world is that Western Norway will be even more attractive to tourists after the pandemic, due to a feeling of being able to travel safely in the spacious Norwegian nature. Here are some of the areas within adventure tourism in Western Norway:

  • Skiing
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Architecture


Great opportunities in Greater Bergen

As more and more people discover Norwegian nature and outdoor activities, there is great development potential in Norwegian tourism when the covid pandemic is over.

Invest in Bergen and Visit Bergen know the businesses in the region and are excellent advisors and partners for new businesses in the market.

For more information about tourism and travel industry in Greater Bergen, please go to Visit Bergen.

Visit Bergen

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