HavExpo is Greater Bergen's annual event, serving as an "international fair for Norwegian aquaculture and fisheries" (Photo: HavExpo AS)

Meet Invest in Bergen at HavExpo 2022

Invest in Bergen will attend HavExpo 2022. This annual event for the fishing and aquaculture industry will be held from May 10th-12th in Bergen.

HavExpo serves as an “international fair for Norwegian aquaculture and fisheries”. This three-day event will bring together the leading companies and research institutes in these fields. It will serve as a showcase, meeting-place, and knowledge-sharing experience for these organizations.  

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County mayor to attend opening

Jon Askeland, county mayor for Vestland county, is set to participate in the opening of HavExpo 2022. He believes the fair has become “more important than ever”.  

Jon Askeland, County Mayor for Vestland county, will speak at the opening of
HavExpo 2022 (Photo © Vestland Fylkeskommune)

“Aquaculture and fishing are among the most important industries for the country, and for Vestland, which is the country’s leading export county,” he said.

He added that both Bergen and Vestland county have “the strongest competence and research environments in the sector”.

Key topics to be addressed

Through the course of the fair, a number of presentations will be given on topics relevant to the fishing and aquaculture industry. The key themes will revolve around “news from research and administration” and “innovation and technology”.

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Among these, the topic of raw materials for feed producers will be addressed, along with their potential alternatives. Also, the farming of new fish species – halibut, catfish, and sea sausage - will also be discussed.

In addition to this, HavExpo 2022 will consist of over 120 different events held in two conference halls.

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