Tore Boge (l) and Christian W. Berg (r) presenting the "Green Ammonia volume analysis" report in Oslo (Photo: Yara)

Norway can lead the way in Green Ammonia

In a published collaborative report, “Green Ammonia volume analysis – a roadmap towards 2030”, it was determined that Norway could take a leading role in implementing green ammonia as a fuel source for domestic shipping activities.

The report was launched and presented to the Norwegian minister of trade and industry, Jan Christian Vestre. It was written in collaboration by Bergen-based cluster Maritime CleanTech, Yara Clean Ammonia and DNV.

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The report examines how Norway can speed up the introduction of green ammonia as a fuel for domestic shipping. Ultimately, it would allow Norway to reach its emissions goals.

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It also looks at how this could be done with the proper mechanisms and cross-sector cooperation. The report includes a roadmap analysing how regulations, available funding schemes and increased Co2-tax can affect the uptake of green ammonia towards 2030.

Tore Bog (l) presented the report to the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry,
Jan Christian Vestre (Photo © Yara)


“Our findings demonstrate that Norway can accelerate the development and use of ammonia-powered vessels, creating a market for green production, bunkering infrastructure, and distribution technologies,” said Tore Boge, Project Manager for Maritime CleanTech. He, along with Christian W. Berg, Market Development Director for Yara Clean Ammonia, released and presented the report.

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