Odd Gurvin leads the Norwegian Cognitive Centre in Bergen, a new initiative that will help companies to benefit from artificial intelligence.

New centre turns beginners into AI experts

A new centre in Bergen is helping to unlock the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) for Norwegian businesses.

"We are already seeing artificial assistants becoming a part of our daily lives,” says Odd Gurvin. “In future, AI will have a big impact on areas such as manufacturing, sales and product development.”

Gurvin leads the Norwegian Cognitive Centre in Bergen, a new initiative that is helping companies to take the leap into this digital future.

The centre organizes events and workshops in order to build AI skills and competence in the region, as well as working one-to-one with businesses to solve particular problems.

“Most companies are keen to start using AI, but a lot of them don’t quite know where to begin,” he says. “When we discuss this topic with companies, we are usually met with a mixture of enthusiasm and a dash of panic!”

Through a partnership with tech giant IBM, the centre can offer companies an almost unlimited pool of expertise and computing resources to help them get started.

Nils Jacob Berland, CEO of Bergen Robotics. The company has already benefitted from working with the Norwegian Cognitive Centre. 

Bergen Robotics is just one of the businesses that has already benefitted from the arrangement. “The Norwegian Cognitive Centre and IBM have really taken the time to listen to us,” says the company’s CEO Nils Jacob Berland.

The company is developing AI-powered autonomous sensors that deliver safer and faster airborne inspections of high voltage power lines – resulting in savings for grid owners.

“IBM has invited us to a workshop next week to discuss our business plan,” says Berland. “I am looking forward to working with them to get our technology out to the market in future.”

From Silicon Valley to Bergen

Gurvin explains that the Norwegian Cognitive Centre has already begun working with a range of organizations in the Bergen area.

The centre uses IBM’s “Garage Method” in order to find out if using AI would be the right way to solve a certain problem. This Silicon Valley-inspired process sees companies engaging in short and intense periods of design work.

At the end of just one week, the aim is to build a “Minimum Viable Product” involving AI, which can then be tested out in the field.

Using the “Garage Method”, the Norwegian Cognitive Centre and IBM will help Norwegian companies to develop AI solutions.
What is artificial intelligence?


Artificial intelligence can be defined as the use of machines to carry out tasks that would normally require a human.

AI is already used for a range of purposes such as recognising images, helping people to drive vehicles, and organizing our social media feeds.

In future, the use of artificial assistants is likely to become even more commonplace. For instance, we are likely to see AI systems being involved in designing better products, or even in developing new medicines.

Preparing for an AI-driven future

The Norwegian Cognitive Centre is being supported by a range of organizations, including Bergen's major industry clusters, who recognize that AI competence will be vital for tomorrow's world.

As Gurvin explains, “Artificial intelligence will be the single most important driver for value creation within a range of different industries in future.”

“On the other hand, if companies don’t keep up with the development of AI, they risk losing their competitive edge.”

With the help of the centre, many more of Greater Bergen’s companies could soon be taking the leap into tomorrow’s AI-driven world.

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