Set up a business in Greater Bergen

Norway is a safe and easy country for doing business. The World Bank ranks Norway top 10 of 189 countries on Ease of doing Business, a position Norway has held for several years.

Our population of 5,3 million is modest in size yet still, its purchasing power is comparable to larger economies due to high standard of living and evenly distributed wealth. Most Norwegians are fluent English speakers with French and German frequently spoken as well. Norwegians are generally well educated.

There is a highly developed system of industrial clusters with close cooperation between the industry and R&D institutions. The cost of setting up R&D activities is internationally competitive with a well-developed system to protect intellectual property rights. Norway participates fully in all EU research programmes and activities.

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Doing business in Norway

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These are The World Bank’s measures for business regulations for Norway. 

Kluge law firm has made a guide on how to do business in Norway.

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