Doing business in Norway

Norwegian business life means flat structure and little hierarchy. 

Employees are often included in making decisions, and used to speaking up and contribute in various circumstances. Managers are not expected to give orders but more act as a coach or facilitator.

Remember to involve people in decisions and see yourself as the first among equals. You should further see the flat structure and the openness as a tool to achieve results and not a threat.

Cooperation is highly valued and a basis for the “Norwegian model” is the cooperation between the Government, the Employer Federations and the Employee organisations. At company level, the cooperation between employer and employee and between manager and subordinate is vital.

Gender equality is important in Norway, and women doing business in Norway will receive the same treatment as men.

To summarize some key elements of the Norwegian business culture:

1. Flat structures and little hierarchy
2. Quick and informal communication
3. Focus on cooperation
4. Trust among people
5. Empowered employees
6. Balance of work-and private life
7. Gender equality
8. Risk willingness


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