Work-life balance

In Greater Bergen you are in close proximity to nature and a vibrant city life, and you have great access to the world beyond.

With over 400 000 inhabitants the region can offer exiting job opportunities, great education facilities, outstanding nature and a rich culture scene.

Norway – a good country to live in

Norway is, and has been for many years, ranked as ‘the best country in the world to live in’ by The United Nations’ Human Development Index. We are one of the safest and most stable, well-functioning and transparent democratic societies in the world, with a highly developed health and welfare system. We also have one of the world’s best gender-related equal opportunity records, and we are organised to accommodate dual-career families. Read more about our welfare system.

Life in Bergen

The Bergen Region has a great culture scene and offers a broad variety of events throughout the year. This, in addition to the closeness to nature, makes Bergen unique and packed with possibilities for your leisure time. Read more about life in Bergen